Maybelline FITme!

Maybelline FITme (Shade 220)
It’s a liquid foundation, which makes it perfect for people with dry/combination skin.

Blends into the skin like a dream!

This foundation is perfect for those who have dry/combination skin type (like me). It’s a liquid foundation and blends into the skin easily. I find it best to apply with a stippling brush as that way it leaves no streaks on my face. It is natural looking and gives my skin a fresh glow (not in a greasy way). It is a light to medium coverage foundation and has a dewy finish.

You can find this foundation in any drugstore, however they do not provide many shades. You may find more shades online.

Also, if anyone has oily/combination skin, they have introduced the Maybelline FITme MATTE+PORELESS! I’ve not had the chance to try it yet but I’ve only heard amazing things about it.




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